What to do when bereavement strikes?

What to do when bereavement strikes?

Unfortunately, German law foresees a string of formalities even at this, the worst of times. The necessary documents have to be presented and countless tasks dealt with.

The following documents must be presented for a funeral:

  • The deceased’s ID or valid registration of residence
  • Death certificate
  • For single people: birth certificate
  • For married people: extract from the register of marriages or marriage certificate and birth certificate
  • For divorced people: decree nisi certificate and marriage certificate or extract from the register of marriages
  • For widowed people: extract from the register of marriages and spouse’s death certificate or marriage certificate and spouse’s death certificate.


If available, the following documents must also be presented:

  • Pension adjustment notice
  • Confirmation of burial site
  • Pre-need funeral contract
  • Insurance documentation


Apart from providing the abovementioned documents, there are numerous bureaucratic tasks and errands to deal with. On request, we will be happy to lend our support – we are experienced in these matters and know what’s important:

  • Notifying the registrar of the death
  • Beschaffung der Beerdigungserlaubnis und der Grabstelle (falls noch nicht vorhanden)
  • Arrangement of the burial license and burial site (if not yet organized)
  • Printing of death notice and cards
  • Arranging of the funeral service
  • Submission of death notice to the daily newspaper
  • Applying for payment of private death benefits and life assurance from existing insurance policies
  • Transfer of the deceased from abroad, where necessary
  • Booking of a funeral speaker, where required

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